Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ferguson: Should City Shame

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, once again, called Manchester City as a team that just a lot of talking. Ferguson assess, City supporters should feel embarrassed by koar-koar made by the club.

War of words between the two team shirts are getting hotter every time ahead of derby duel, which will take place tonight at home to City. "The Citizens" who had never tasted title long claimed that they were the best club in the city of Manchester.

When the City managed to snatch striker Carlos Tevez and Manchester United last year, the City immediately put a big billboard picture of Tevez and the words "Welcome to Manchester". When Michael Owen joining Manchester United, "The Citizens' teasing them with a billboard picture of Owen crutches and the words" Welcome to Stretford ". Some time ago, President City Executive Gary Cook to make documentary films and mentioned that the club was "undoubtedly the biggest and best club in the world."

Responding to all the messages, Ferguson said the club as "a noisy neighbor." Ferguson was always repeated the statement that the City "only way" for poor fact title.

"I do not know what made him like that, may appeal the ad, but I think they can not boast of it," said Ferguson ahead of derby duel at the City of Manchester Stadium on Wednesday (10/11/2010) night.

"I do not see how they think it will hurt us as opposed to playing on the soccer field. I immediately said I thought it was stupid and they probably think that's how they are now," he added.

"I think it might be inappropriate for a number of their supporters, but not all. The others must be mortified. If you ask their supporters, I think they would prefer to see the parade the trophy around the city before they start proud," he continued.

Ferguson said it was referring to the last title was achieved City, the League Cup in 1976 for domestic competition and the Cup Winner 1970 for second-class tournaments in Europe. Record this achievement, which, according to Ferguson, should be put forward before the fans proud of his club and poke fun at other clubs.

"I mean, there's a City supporter who put up a tattoo that read 'Winner Cup'. The people proud. Unfortunately, the fans (City) as bad as the directors, but I think a lot of fans who would rather see the parade the trophy before they began to shout from the rooftops, "he explained.

At the meeting last season, Manchester United always win in two Premier League games. At Old Trafford, "Red Devils" won 4-3 through goals in injury time Owen dramatic. In the cage City, Manchester United won again with the score 1-0.

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